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Roadside Mulchers

Picking the right roadside mulchers are important if you want to get your next mowing job done as effectively and efficiently as possible. That’s why Seppi, a world leader in commercial mulchers for decades, has you covered with their range of roadside mulchers.

Whether it’s for safety or aesthetic purposes, Seppi’s products will allow you to easily cut grass and vegetation along any roadsides your tractor can accommodate.

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What kinds of Seppi roadside mulchers are available?

Power Driven Mulchers

What are the benefits of Seppi’s roadside mulchers?

There are many benefits that come with Seppi’s roadside mulchers, including;

Cost savings

With Seppi’s sophisticated design making for an efficient cut, you save money on factors such as fuel, labour costs and maintenance. 


Seppi’s come with powerful engines, fast rotating blades and superior fuel economy to ensure that you complete any mulching task using as little time and resources as possible. 


There are many different kinds of roadside – and Seppi’s diverse range of mulchers and accessories means that you’re equipped to handle any roadside mulching job. 


Seppi machines come with decades of refinement and reinforcement, resulting in roadside mulchers that have had their designs perfected to ensure that they last as long as possible against all kinds of terrains and conditions.

Safety features

One of the biggest advantages that comes with Seppi mulchers is their numerous safety features. The heightened durability and versatility of a Seppi mulcher never comes at the expense of your control, comfort and safety as you operate it.

Where do I go for Seppi roadside mulchers?

If you’ve got any questions about Seppi’s range of roadside mulchers, get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of Seppi’s high performance machines.

We also provide expert advice, troubleshooting, and spare parts through our dealer network.

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