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SMWA avs
SMWA avs
Seppi SMWA avs
Seppi SMWA avs
Seppi SMWA avs
Seppi SMWA avs
SMWA avsSeppi SMWA avsSeppi SMWA avsSeppi SMWA avsSeppi SMWA avs

Seppi SMWA avs

offsetting mulcher 40-90 HP

  • Mulcher with lateral, horizontal and vertical side shift.
  • Mulches grass and prunings up to 5 cm [2”] Ø
  • Hyd. positioning from +90° to -50°
  • Hyd. side shift to the right up to 136 cm [54”]

The SEPPI SMWA avs is an offsetting mulcher ideal for areas hard to reach such as ditches, slopes and river banks but also does a great mulching job on steep road sides, orchards and vineyards. Great versatility is achieved by ample side shift in addition to hydraulic angling.

The SEPPI SMWA avs can work from 90° up angling to 50° down angling, independent from the side shift, centrally behind the tractor, or offset to the side, and reach up to 274 cm [198“] to the right of the tractor center line, depending on the working width of the mulcher. Maximum side shift is 136 cm [54“]. High resistent thanks casing made of high-tensile steel S420 and reinforced bearings. Two possibilities to place the gearbox: Gearbox inside of machine keeps the mower close to the tractor (appropriate e.g. for orchard rows). External gearbox (optional) allows large outrigging.

The optional safety breakaway system FLEX-SAFE™ prevents breakage of the linkage. Articulated attachment frame allows dynamic flexation.

Available working width: 155, 175, 200 cm [61″, 69″, 79″].


  • Mulches grass and bushes up to 5 cm [2”] Ø
  • Helical rotor with SMW flails
  • Working speed 1-5 km/h
  • ISO 3-point rear linkage cat. 2
  • Two floating positions: Vertical floating up/down & Floating of the mulching head (tilt)
  • Hyd. positioning from +90° to -50°
  • Hyd. side shift to the right
  • Chassis made of high tensile steel S420
  • 2 rows of tempered counter cutters
  • Belt transmission
  • Gearbox 540 rpm with through shaft
  • Front protection: metal flaps
  • Adjustable rear hood M-FLAP to set the degree of mulching; with rubber protection
  • Support roller, adjustable in height; reinforced bearing and roller
  • Colors: red RAL3020 · charcoal RAL7021


  • PTO drive shaft with doublewide angle
  • Rotor with Y DUO knives
  • Front attachment
  • External transmission
  • Attachment with safety breakaway FLEX-SAFE™
  • Lateral support rollers 160 mm [6”] Ø

And other options of choice.

For more information about this product feel free to visit the Seppi website.


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