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Commercial Mulcher Equipment

Mulching is a job that can be quite labour-intensive, so it’s important that you have the best commercial mulcher equipment. That’s where Seppi can help, as they have been the world leader in commercial mulcher equipment since the 1940s.


Benefits of using Commercial Grade Mulching Equipment

There are many reasons why Seppi is the best choice for premium mulching equipment. If you’re looking to make your next mulching job as quick and smooth as possible, Seppi has you covered with benefits including;

Cost savings

Get the right tool for the right job, so you don’t have to worry about potential on-site setbacks. Save money every time on fuel, maintenance and more with Seppi’s versatile range of commercial mulcher equipment.

Improved efficiency

Don’t just get your work done quickly – get it done right the first time. With the right Seppi mulcher, you’ll be able to complete any task in a complete and timely manner. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is your next job.

Reduced labour costs

Each Seppi mulcher has been designed to effectively handle every aspect of mulching for you; giving you maximum control while minimising the amount of effort needed. With a sharp increase in productivity; you won’t just save time and money, you’ll save effort too.

Environmentally friendly

Land clearing, if not done properly, can have devastating effects on the environment. That’s why Seppi have designed their mulchers to be as environmentally friendly as possible. You’ll be able to clear only the vegetation you need to with the utmost precision, and the mulcher will disseminate the resulting refuge evenly, preserving the natural environment.

What kinds of mulching equipment does Seppi manufacture?

Seppi stocks several different ranges of mulchers; from mulchers that specialise in use for grass, brush and overgrown plants that you’d find on a local farm, to mulchers that safely and effectively clear forest vegetation, to everything in-between.

Power Driven Mulchers

  • Wide area mulchers
  • Roadside mulchers
  • Forestry mulchers
  • Farming mulchers
  • High discharge mulchers
  • Orchard mulchers
  • Biomass mulchers (with chute for biomass collection)
  • Flail Mulchers
  • Offsetting mulchers
  • Pick-up mulchers
  • Sideshift mulchers

Hydraulic drive mulchers

  • Excavator mulchers
  • Roadside mulchers
  • Forestry mulchers
  • Skid steer forestry / Skid steer mulcher
  • Farming mulchers
  • Orchard mulchers

Where do I go for Seppi Australia commercial mulcher equipment?

If you’ve got any questions about Seppi’s range of commercial mulcher equipment, feel free to get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of Seppi’s high performance machines.

As well as Seppi’s commercial mulcher equipment, our dealer network provides expert advice, troubleshooting and spare parts.

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