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Seppi Australia Mulching and Grinding Equipment

If you want quality mulching and grinding equipment, you need Seppi Australia. You’re not going to find a name more synonymous with high performance grinding and mulcher equipment than Seppi.

Who are Seppi Australia?

Seppi is a leading provider of powerful tools for professional agriculture, landscape maintenance and forestry. One of the notable types of equipment they stock is their world renowned mulching and grinding equipment.

Why do I need mulching and grinding equipment?

If you are performing large scale land clearing operations, mulching and grinding equipment is an invaluable tool. Not only do these tools clear, cut and grind extensive vegetation with ease and efficiency, but they do so in a way that minimises waste and preserves the natural health of the environment.  

What is the history of Seppi Australia?

Seppi Australia might be the leading manufacturer of mulching equipment, grinding equipment and brush technology, but it didn’t start that way. Like any other successful company, Seppi had to start somewhere… 

Founding and early days

In 1939, Max Seppi founded Seppi in order to provide agricultural equipment to farmers in Italy. The initial product range of Seppi included bandsaws, tanks, sprayers and the first rotary blade flail mowers. 

Finding their calling with mulching equipment

In the 70s, Max’s son Luciano became a part of the family business, building the first ever mulcher to use a hammer rotor in its design. Because of this innovative design, Seppi mulchers became the world standard for mulching equipment, including .

Worldwide expansion

Over the course of the following decades, Seppi established a dedicated sales network with renowned worldwide distributors. This includes International Mowers, an Australian company specialising in the supply and distribution of high quality mulching equipment.

What types of mulching equipment does Seppi manufacture?

What types of grinding equipment does Seppi manufacture?

Where do I go for Seppi Australia mulching and grinding equipment?

If you’ve got any questions about Seppi’s range of mulching and grinding equipment, feel free to get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of Seppi’s impressive machines.

Our dealer network includes not only Seppi’s mulching and grinding equipment, but also expert advice, troubleshooting and spare parts.

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