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Skid Steer Mulcher

If you’ve got a mulching job and a skid steer loader, your next stop should be Seppi. This is because they have a range of advanced skid steer mulchers that will help you clear large amounts of forest and vegetation effectively.

Skid steer mulchers are the ultimate in forest-clearing technology, using your loader’s powerful hydraulics to power their sharp, rapidly-rotating blades. As a result, you get a mulcher that is more manoeuvrable and able to mulch larger amounts of forest materials.

What types of skid steer mulchers does Seppi provide?

  • Fixed tooth
  • Swinging flail / Hammer
  • Under canopy

What are the advantages of Seppi’s skid steer mulchers?

There are many advantages to making a Seppi skid steer mulcher a key part of your next mulching job. Below, we’ve listed some of the biggest advantages that a Seppi skid steer mulcher can give you.

Increased efficiency and durability

Not only is a Seppi skid steer mulcher built with a powerful and fuel efficient engine so it can safely and effectively clear the most forest material possible, its design also ensures that it can handle any conditions you throw at it.

Easy to operate

Seppi’s designs have been refined over the course of decades to ensure that their experience is as user-friendly as possible. Not only do they provide an effective cut, but they do so without compromising control, comfort and safety. 

Versatility and flexibility

One of the benefits of skid steer mulchers in general is that they can manoeuvre through a larger variety of spaces than other mulchers. Pair that with the Seppi mulchers’ ability to handle all kinds of terrains and you have an agricultural machine with unprecedented versatility and flexibility.

Lower operating costs

Because Seppi skid steer mulchers are steeped in efficient design; their use saves you time, effort and money. This lowers maintenance costs, labour costs and money spent on consumables such as fuel.

Where do I go for Seppi skid steer mulchers?

If you’ve got any questions about Seppi’s range of skid steer mulchers, get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of Seppi’s high performance machines.

Alongside our dealer network, we also offer expert advice, troubleshooting, and spare parts.

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