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Power Driven Mulchers

If you are performing any large scale landscaping, agriculture, land management or land clearing, the right power take-off (PTO) or power driven mulcher is a must. That’s why your next stop should be Seppi, as they have a wide range of power driven mulchers to meet the needs of any job.

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How is a power driven mulcher different from other mulchers?

Like every other kind of mulcher, a power driven mulcher is used to shred or cut up vegetation, such as trees, bushes, and grass, into smaller pieces for gardening purposes. What separates a power driven mulcher from other kinds of mulchers, such as hydraulic drive mulchers, is its power source – specifically that its power source is an external one (such as a gasoline or diesel engine).

What kinds of power driven mulchers does Seppi stock?

Seppi stocks the following kinds of power driven mulchers to meet a variety of mulching needs;

What are the advantages of Seppi’s range of power driven mulchers?

Seppi might not be the only manufacturer of power driven mulchers, but they are certainly the world leading manufacturer of power driven mulchers for many reasons. The most notable of these reasons include;

Ease of operation

Part of what drives Seppi’s design, whether it’s for their power driven mulchers or any of their many other agricultural machines, is their ease of use. Sure, these power driven mulchers are based on intricate designs and feature sophisticated technology. But they are built to work for you, giving you an unprecedented level of control and an intense boost to your productivity.


We understand that mulching is not the simplest of tasks to complete. That’s why Seppi made sure that one less thing you have to worry about is the condition of your mulcher. Their power driven mulchers have been specially designed to handle a wide range of terrains, as well as jobs of various scales.


If there’s a mulching job, Seppi has a power driven mulcher for it. One of the biggest advantages of Seppi having such a massive range of power driven mulchers is that they can accommodate pretty much any conceivable agricultural job that may require mulching at some point.

Environmental preservation

Too many agricultural machine producers don’t think about the effect of their products on the environment, resulting in obtrusive machines that can disrupt (and, at worst, damage) their surrounding environment. Seppi ensures that their mulchers are precise in their execution, as well as even in their dissemination of the mulched up vegetation. That way, you can be productive with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Where do I go for Seppi’s Power Driven Mulchers?

If you’ve got any questions about Seppi’s range of power driven mulchers, feel free to get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of Seppi’s high performance machines.

As well as Seppi’s commercial mulcher equipment, our dealer network provides expert advice, troubleshooting and spare parts.

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