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High Discharge Mulchers

Seppi mowers are designed to handle large mulching jobs already. However, if your job is larger than large, you need a high discharge mulcher that can keep up. That is why Seppi includes high discharge mulchers in their varied range of complex agricultural technology. These machines have been constructed to tackle the largest mulching jobs you can think of, and then some.

With powerful, high horsepower engines, larger blades and an increased intake area, Seppi’s high discharge mulchers are specifically designed to discharge material at a higher rate than regular mulchers, allowing you to cut through larger amounts of forest and vegetation at a much faster rate. The end result is an efficient cut that saves you time and effort in the long run.

Seppi's Range of High Discharge Mulchers

  • Fixed tooth
  • Swinging flail / Hammer

Advantages of Using Seppi's High Discharge Mulchers

There are many advantages that come with using a Seppi high discharge mulcher for your next job, as they are guaranteed to make land clearing and farm management easier thanks to their incredibly refined designs and advanced technology. We’ve listed the key advantages below.

Increased productivity

Seppi high discharge mulchers increase productivity by allowing for faster and more efficient ground clearance. They have a high discharge capability, which means they can spread cut material evenly over a large area. This results in a more even spread of organic material, leading to improved soil health and quicker decomposition.

Reduced labour costs

With their high discharge rate and compact design, Seppi’s high discharge mulchers can cover more area in less time, reducing the number of passes needed to clear a given area. This means less time and effort spent on the job. Additionally, their ability to spread cut material evenly over a large area can reduce the need for additional labour to distribute the material manually.

Improved efficiency

The high discharge rate of a Seppi high discharge mulcher allows for faster clearance of ground, reducing the time and number of passes needed to cover a given area. Their compact design also enables them to operate in tight spaces, increasing their versatility and allowing for efficient use in a wider range of conditions.

Where do I go for Seppi high discharge mulchers?

If you’ve got any questions about Seppi’s range of high discharge mulchers, get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of Seppi’s high performance agriculture machines.

In addition to expert advice and troubleshooting, we also provide spare parts through our comprehensive dealer network.

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