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Farming Mulchers

Do you perform commercial mulching for farms? Do you own a farm yourself? Either way, you stand to benefit from Seppi’s range of farming mulchers. Seppi stock mulchers that provide stellar services under a wide variety of conditions, and their farming mulchers are no exception.

A Seppi farming mulcher will help you shred and mulch crop residue, weeds and other farming vegetation, so you can get the best possible results with the bare minimum effort required. Additionally, Seppi farming mulchers make it easy for you to collect your mulch and use it as a soil amendment for your farm.


What is Seppi’s range of farming mulchers?

  • Fixed tooth
  • Swinging flail / Hammer
  • Under canopy
  • High discharge
  • Pick-up
  • Power take off
  • Hydraulic
  • Tractor mount
  • Excavator mount
  • Skid Steer mount

What are the benefits of the farming mulchers provided by Seppi?

Seppi has been a world leader in agricultural equipment for a very long time, and that’s because the number of benefits associated with their sophisticated machines has only increased over the decades that they’ve been operating. We’ve listed the most important benefits that Seppi mulchers can offer below.

Robust design

The designs that give the Seppi’s their innovative qualities have been tweaked and perfected over the course of decades. You’re not just receiving an effective mulching machine, you’re gaining decades of innovation that will, in turn, last you for decades to come.

Versatile performance

No two farms are exactly the same. That’s why Seppi farming mulchers have been designed to handle all kinds of terrains and environments that come with farm management. You can undertake any job without having to worry about your mulcher keeping up.


The refined design of Seppi’s farming mulchers also includes the many steps taken to reinforce their build, resulting in durable, heavy duty machines that will last for a large number of mulching jobs without missing a beat.


Because Seppi farming mulchers are incredibly efficient, and built with powerful engines and sharp blades, you can use them regularly and save money on costs such as labour, maintenance and fuel. 


Seppi’s efficient design means that you can effectively mulch large amounts of grass or vegetation and not have to worry about wasting time tweaking a job that wasn’t completed properly. The reduction in maintenance and labour costs also translates to a saving of time as well. 

Ease of use

Seppi farming mulchers have been designed to ensure that you get a smooth ride and effective cut without compromising control, safety or comfort. Mulching will feel liek second nature to you with a Seppi.

Where do I go for Seppi farming mulchers?

If you’ve got any questions about Seppi’s range of farming mulchers, get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of Seppi’s high performance agriculture machines.

In addition to expert advice and troubleshooting, we also provide spare parts through our comprehensive dealer network.

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