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Orchard Mulchers

Orchards are vast, beautiful stretches of nature that require precision and delicacy when it comes to their management. If you want a powerful mulcher that will also help you preserve your orchard, your best bet is the range of orchard mulchers from Seppi.

Orchard mulchers are a unique type of mulcher. They are typically smaller and lighter, allowing them to manoeuvre easily between rows of crops. Their specially designed cutting mechanisms process both small twigs and leaves as well as larger amounts of vegetation.

What is Seppi’s range of orchard mulchers?

  • Fixed tooth
  • Swinging flail / Hammer
  • Under canopy
  • High discharge
  • Pick-up

What are the benefits of Seppi’s range of orchard mulchers?

Here are some of the benefits of Seppi’s range of orchard mulchers that make them stand out from the competition;

Increased efficiency

Seppi mulchers increase efficiency with their ability to handle different types of pruning waste and manoeuvre in tight spaces. Their powerful cutting mechanisms also quickly chop up the pruning waste, reducing the time and effort required for their management.

Reduced labour costs

Seppi’s orchard mulchers streamline the process of managing pruning waste with their efficient design and powerful cutting mechanisms. They can quickly shred and mince the pruning waste, reducing the time and effort required to dispose of it.

Improved soil health

By quickly shredding and mincing pruning waste, Seppi mulchers create smaller pieces that can decompose more quickly and efficiently, providing valuable organic matter to the soil that helps to improve soil structure, fertility, and water-holding capacity, leading to healthier plants and improved yields.

Enhanced fruit quality

Seppi’s orchard mulchers promote healthy plant growth and reduce stress on trees. The efficient management of pruning waste also helps to prevent the buildup of debris around the base of the trees which reduces their susceptibility to disease and pests. By promoting healthy soil and reducing stress on the trees, Seppi’s orchard mulchers contribute to stronger plants that bear better fruit.

What are some key features of Seppi’s range of orchard mulchers?

Seppi’s range of orchard mulchers come with key features that make them ideal for any orchard or vineyard environment. These key features include;

  • Durability and reliability, thanks to their design, which has been refined and perfected over several decades 
  • Versatility and customisability, so that they can adapt to any orchard environment and provide the same level of cutting quality
  • Ease of use and maintenance, owed to the efficiency their enhanced design creates
  • Environmentally-friendly operation, as they provide an optimal cut with minimal disruption to the environment

Where do I go for Seppi orchard mulchers?

If you’ve got any questions about Seppi’s range of orchard mulchers, get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of Seppi’s high performance machines.

Alongside our dealer network, we also offer expert advice, troubleshooting, and spare parts.

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