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McConnel Australia

McConnel Australia is a multi-award winning producer of rotary mowers, flail mowers and cultivation machinery.

Trusted by councils and contractors around Australia

McConnel Australia is a multi-award winning producer of rotary mowers, flail mowers and cultivation machinery. Since its establishment in 1935, McConnel Australia has gone on to create thousands of build options and more than 100 models of agricultural equipment.

At International Mowers, we are the only company in Australia to stock a wide range of the finest machinery products that McConnel Australia has to offer; from rotary mowers, flail mowers, hedge and verge mowers and power arm and boom mowers.


Commercial Rotary Mowers

McConnel Australia has a range of high performance rotary and flail mowers including the SR420, SR460, SR620, and SR820 each with their own quality features, including;

  • Several degrees of flexibility and a powerful rotor for a quick and effective cut 
  • Multiple cutting heights and anti-scalp discs to protect your blades 
  • Different blade options to make sure that your mower is well-equipped for any cutting task 
  • Many different cutting options, such as a six-blade shredder kit for improved mulching and tougher resolve
  • Versatile cutting mechanisms that effectively follow the contours of the ground, making them ideal for undulating terrain
  • Slip clutch protection and front and rear chain guards, so you’re getting a mower that is optimised for safety as well as productivity

McConnel rotary and flail mowers are their most productive mowers available; thanks to their ability to effectively mow through a huge range of work environments with surgical safety and precision. Add their customisability and their attractive finish, and you’ve got one of the most solid professional ranges of mower available.

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Commercial Remote Control Mowers

The future of professional mowing is now with McConnel’s Robocut series, including the S300, T400, T500, T600 and T800. All of these mowers provide outstanding and efficient mowing performance with some of the most innovative features on the market, including;

  • A high tech digital control system that gives you full control over the mowing job at all times
  • Perfect 50/50 weight distribution that ensures these mowers have maximum stability in all terrains
  • A safety system built into its revolutionary hydraulic front hood, including screen notifications so you are always aware

Not only do the McConnel Australia RoboCut series mowers offer next level safety and control, they also offer a heightened performance with GPS auto steering technology and a larger fuel capacity. This is the kind of professional mowing that you could only get with the advancements in technology made now.

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Accessories And Attachments

Tractor Power Arms

If power is the name of the game, you’re in the right place with McConnel’s Power Arm series – the most comprehensive range on the market. There’s almost too many to choose from, such as the 30, 55, 75, 85, Swingtrim, ECO, VERSI, BARRIER and more, with a ton of features including;

  • Front mounting for extra comfort, precision and safety
  • The world’s first TwinCut dual rotor flail head for a heavy duty mulch with a fine finish
  • Several customisability options to make sure you have the optimal cutting conditions for every job

Whether you’re a large-scale farmer, a contractor or working for the local government, McConnel Australia power arm mowers don’t just meet the industry standard – they practically redefine it with their enhanced performance and state of the art controls.

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Power Arm Accessories

If you’re looking to customise your McConnel Australia Power Arm, International Mowers has got you covered. We offer a wide range of interchangeable control options, advanced features to boost mowing speeds and arm movements, and arm attachments from multi saws to cutting arms.

Commercial Sprayers and Spreaders

Have you heard of the Agribuggy? Formerly developed by Kellands (now a part of McConnel), the Agribuggy is one of the most effective commercial sprayers and spreaders on the market.

Much like McConnel’s other agricultural technology, this commercial sprayer and spreader stands out from the competition for its ability to go where others can’t, thanks to its unique low ground pressure design and mechanical drive technology. It can handle wet conditions and tough terrain in a way that the competition can only dream of.

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Wide Area Mowers

If you are undertaking large-scale commercial mowing operations on areas such as large parks, golf courses, school grounds, etc. your best investment would be a wide area mower from McConnel. These mowers have larger cutting decks, powerful engines and efficient cutting blades, so you can clear the most vegetation and grass without breaking a sweat.

McConnel’s range of wide area mowers have been specially designed to complete commercial mowing jobs across a variety of scales and terrains; bringing efficiency and effectiveness without compromising on comfort and safety.

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Any Questions?

If you’ve got any questions about McConnel’s range of high quality mowers, feel free to get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of McConnel’s innovative agricultural machinery.

Besides stocking McConnel’s mowers, we offer a wide range of support services including expertise, troubleshooting, spare parts, and a dealer network that you can rely on.

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