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Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Pro Blower
Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Pro Blower
Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Pro Blower
Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Pro BlowerScag Giant-Vac Extreme Pro Blower

Scag Giant-Vac Extreme Pro Blower

High-Velocity Leaf and Debris Blower

The Extreme Pro blower puts out MORE CFM than other blowers powered by the GX390 Honda engine. This makes the Extreme Pro the blower to beat, hands down.

The Extreme Pro blower utilizes all-welded steel construction along with commercial grade quality throughout the entire product. This blower is built to last and perform.

Why rake when a powerful leaf blower like this makes leaf gathering a cinch. Quickly clean leaves and debris off your yard, driveway or anything else with this ultra-powerful, industry leading blower.

This is the perfect tool for the asphalt / sealing professional that needs to prepare large lots before sealing or for clearing large spaces of debris. Clean it up faster and easier with an Extreme Pro blower.


  • Powerful, reliable and easy to start Honda GX390 11.7hp engine
  • 6-blade, high CFM, fabricated steel impeller with taper lock hub
  • 17″ diameter impeller, 4.25 ” wide
  • Impeller is dynamically balanced for smooth operation and optimum performance
  • 10 gauge welded steel engine platform
  • 10 gauge welded steel blower housing – front and rear housing plates
  • 12 gauge blower housing skirt
  • 6.0″ wide blower housing
  • Eight (8) iso-mount anti-vibration system on the handlebars to soak up vibration
  • Heavy-duty, tubular steel handles
  • Remote discharge angle control located at the operators position
  • Front and side discharge for better control over debris dispersal. Simple lever at discharge chute to select front or side blowing direction
  • 9.0″ air inlet to supply the blower with ample air volume
  • Discharge opening (5″ x 5.25″; 26.25 square inches)
  • Discharge positioned only 2″ off the ground for better debris lifting.
  • 2 degree blower tilt angle further enhances ability to get airflow under leaves without losing ground clearance.
  • Handles feature a thick, comfort foam grip
  • Commercial grade throttle control mounted to the handlebars
  • Heavy-duty 3/4″ solid steel axles
  • Integrated tie downs and lift handles
  • Powder coat paint for durability, protection and long life


Model LBXP17-GX390
Engine Honda GX390
Horsepower 11.7hp
Engine Frame Construction All steel, welded 10 gauge
Blower Housing Construction All steel, welded 10 gauge front and back housing plates; 12 gauge skirt
Blower Housing Width 6.0″
Impeller Construction All steel, welded, 6-blade, dynamically balanced
Impeller Mounting Tapered hub
Impeller Diameter 17″
Impeller Width 4.25″
Vibration Control 8-point rubber iso-mount, anti-vibration system with thick, comfort foam handlebar grip
Handle Height 3-Position Adjustable (42-1/2”, 43-3/4, 45”)
CFM Output 2,824 CFM
Axle 3/4″ diameter steel axle
Rear Wheels 13 – 5 x 6
Front Wheels 4.10 x 3.5
Throttle Control Commercial-grade, all steel mechanical, plastic debris cover
Front / Side Discharge Control Quick-Lever located at discharge
Remote Discharge Angle Control Yes – located for easy reach from operators position
Length 52″
Height 42-1/2”, 43-3/4, 45”
Width 30-1/4″
Weight 190 lbs.





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