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Alamo Eagle™ Mechanical Flex-Wing

The Eagle™ 15 Flex Wing Rotary Mower with its higher rated horsepower gearboxes, thick deck design and improved blade tip speeds can cut grass, weeds and brush up to 3 ½ inches in diameter. Cover more area in less time with the trust of an established brand behind you.


  • Powerful – 235 HP divider coupled with 205 HP gearboxes (gearboxes have 5-year warranty)
  • Standard Equipment – Double-row chainguards are featured for safety
  • Easy to Clean – 7-gauge deck reinforces durability and mower longevity
  • Convenient – Level lift system which maintains the pitch of the cutting decks while raising or lowering the cutting height
  • Available Widths – 10’ and 15’
  • Cutting Capacity – Grass, weeds and brush up to 3 ½” in diameter
  • Minimum Tractor Requirement – 50 PTO HP minimum
  • Optional Equipment
    Available in 10’ model
    Open or closed center 3-spool valve
    Valve mounting kit
    Winch and stand
    Auxiliary wheel spindle kit
    Special paint

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