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Herder Mowing Bucket MSF/MXL/MXZ

The knife of the mowing bucket is moved in a clipper fashion by a hydromotor and a drive mechanism. Growth caught between the knives is cut.

The mowing bucket is fitted by a swing construction to the jib, enabling it to follow the contours of the ditch or tali. The mowing bucket catches the cut growth enabling the operator to deposit it at the side of the ditch or on the bank.The mowing bucket is exclusively designed to mow grass and reedlike overgrowth in ditches and waterbeds, both above and below water.[/tab][tab title=”Specifications”]The mowing bucket are deliverable in the follow length 250/300/430/550.
As MSF for use to mini excavators.
As MSF for use to tractors and midi excavators.
As MSF for use to hydraulic excavators.

Required pump capacity:
– MSF mowing bucket: 150 bar – 22 l/min (5,5 kW)
– MXL mowing bucket: 150 bar – 40 l/min (10 kW)
– MXZ mowing bucket: 150 bar – 40 l/min (10 kW)

Maximum oil flow allowed:
– MSF mowing bucket: 25 l/min
– MXL mowing bucket: 50 l/min
– MXZ mowing bucket: 50 l/min

Maximum pressure allowed for all mowing buckets : 150 bar

– Extra spare knife.
– Extension and side racks.
– Filling plates.
– Hydraulic rotation head.
– Hydraulic tilting head.

To enlarge the operational reach with a mowing bucket is a extension piece deliverable.
Length 90-200 cms (± 170 cms long, weight: ± 225 kgs)

Boomside crane connection or Con. Wig. (CW0, CW1 of CW2-4).
Bush H20. Bucket cylinder with pressure control, hoses and wires.
Connection value for the bucket cylinder should be max. 60 ltrs./min. at 200 bar.


For more information about this product feel free to visit Herder website.

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