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Alamo Falcon
Alamo Falcon
Alamo Falcon
Alamo Falcon
Alamo FalconAlamo FalconAlamo Falcon

Alamo Falcon™ Hydraulic Flex-Wing

There is no match when HYDRAULIC POWER MEETS MECHANICAL STRENGTH! Strength, power and safety are what make this hydraulic flex-wing stand apart from the traditional mechanical units. The Falcon™ Flex-Wing is made for cutting expansive spaces where there is a need for productivity with public safety in mind.


  • One of the Most Advanced Mowers on the Market – Automatic shutoff stops the blades from spinning when the wings are elevated above 45 degrees
  • Productivity – Ability to have an adjustable cutting width without posing the danger of exposed spinning blades at any time
  • Safety in Mind – Standard double-row chain guards provide 2 layers of protection
  • Tight Turning – Unlimited turning radius with no driveline damage or clattering u-joints
  • Rugged Construction – Shares the same rugged mower chassis as the field proven mechanical Eagle™ Flex-Wing, boasting a continuous welded design and easily replaceable parts such as bolt-on side skirts
  • Hydraulic Powered – No rotating drivelines above the deck, no more clutches or shields to maintain
  • Easy Maintenance – Check the oil…grease..and go with only half the lubrication points of a mechanical rotary (15 points compared to 34)
  • Available Cutting Widths – 10’ and 15’
  • Tractor Requirement – 75 HP
  • Warranty – One year parts and labor. Non-governmental users subject to a modified policy. Only genuine Alamo Industrial OEM replacement parts may be used for warranty replacement.

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