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Wide Area Mowers

If you are undertaking large-scale commercial mowing operations on areas such as large parks, golf courses, school grounds, etc. your best investment would be a wide area mower from McConnel. These mowers have larger cutting decks, powerful engines and efficient cutting blades, so you can clear the most vegetation and grass without breaking a sweat.

McConnel’s range of wide area mowers have been specially designed to complete commercial mowing jobs across a variety of scales and terrains; bringing efficiency and effectiveness without compromising on comfort and safety.

What is McConnel?

For several decades, McConnel has dominated the agricultural equipment industry by producing some of the most innovative displays of mowing technology on the market. On top of wide area mowers, their stock includes high performance rotary and flail mowers, advanced remote control mowers, versatile power arm mowers and more.

What kinds of wide area mowers does McConnel stock?

Wing deck mowers ranging in width from 4.2 to 8.2 metres. All of these models are power take off driven, with hydraulically controlled wings.

What are the benefits that come with McConnel’s range of wide area mowers?

There are several benefits that come from using McConnel wide area mowers for your next mowing job. These benefits make for an improved mowing experience overall, and they include the following;

  • The wide cutting width offered by wide area mowers gives you the ability to mow larger areas in a shorter period of time
  • McConnel wide area mowers are designed to handle all kinds of job situations; including tight spaces and rough terrain, with enhanced manoeuvrability
  • Because of their heightened durability, McConnel wide area mowers are able to withstand all kinds of environments, significantly lowering your maintenance costs
  • Each McConnel mower comes with a powerful engine that runs efficiently, saving you fuel costs while also minimising your impact on the environment
  • Thanks to their ergonomic design, McConnel’s wide area mowers work effectively, while also providing optimal ride comfort and safety

Find out more

If you’ve got any questions about McConnel’s range of high performance tractor power arms, feel free to get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian distributor of McConnel’s power arms, robot mowers and wide area mowers.

There is a wide selection of McConnel mowers available through our dealer network, as well as support and expertise in their troubleshooting and maintenance.

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