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Seppi XSP
Seppi XSP
Seppi XSP
Seppi XSP
Seppi XSPSeppi XSPSeppi XSP

Seppi XSP shoot remover

shoot remover with quick coupling for X-FAST

The XSP™ shoot remover with hydraulic quick coupling can be easily mounted by X-FAST™ quick coupling system to the mower or to the tractor by PORT-X™ accessory carrier. The brushes of the shoot remover XSP™ clean the trunk and remove shoots, suckers and grass on the ground.


  • Cleans trunk and soil
  • High driven speed possible
  • Works clean and causes no damage (sensitive toucher not necessary)


  • Available working width: 60 cm [24″]
  • Hight: 50 cm [20″]
  • Working angle: 15° [12]


  • Shoot remover with quick coupling for X-FAST™ linkage
  • Cleans trunk and soil
  • Working height manual adjustable
  • Working speed 1–5 km/h
  • Adjustable toucher spring
  • Bumper
  • Protective hood
  • Material of the fibre: Nylon
  • Length of the fibre: 20 cm [7.9”]

Ideal working conditions

  • Working between plants from ca. 2 cm [0.8″] clade diameter
  • Grasses up to 1 cm [0.4″] diameter and 50 cm [20″] height

For more information about this product feel free to visit Seppi website.


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