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Seppi XSA
Seppi XSA
Seppi XSA
XSASeppi XSASeppi XSASeppi XSA

Seppi XSA

Cultivator – cuts the roots of weeds along trees or vines

Improve the profitability of your orchard! With the help of accessories.

The XSA™ cultivator supports organic agriculture as well as conventional cultures where an extended use of herbicides has caused damage or where the frequence of herbicide spraying should to be reduced for other reasons. The XSA™ cultivator can be easily mounted with X-FAST™ quick coupling to the mower or to the tractor by PORT-X™ accessory carrier. A mechanical process cuts the roots of weeds and brings them to the surface. A highly sensitive hydraulic toucher protects even the youngest trees from damage.


  • Reduced herbicide spraying
  • Clean soil cultivation
  • Mixing of humus and soil
  • Growth spurt by mineralization of soil
  • Disturbance of the habitats for pests (e.g. mice)
  • No dust

Inside Ø of outrigger available (working width): 40 cm [16″] Outside Ø of outrigger: 50 cm [20″] Hight: 35+4 cm [14+2″]


  • Cultivator wheel with quick coupling for X-FAST™ linkage with a mulcher or attachment carrier PORT-X
  • Tools: cultivator teeths
  • Eradicates weed as deep as 4cm [1.6”]
  • Working speed 1–3 km/h
  • Hydraulic sensitive toucher
  • Floating mechanism
  • Support: turning disc
  • Weight: 70 kg [150 lb]

Ideal working conditions:

  • Working between plants from ca. 3 cm [1.2“] root Ø

For more information about this product feel free to visit the Seppi website.


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