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Seppi BMS-F
Seppi BMS-F
Seppi BMS-F
Seppi BMS-F
BMS-FSeppi BMS-FSeppi BMS-FSeppi BMS-FSeppi BMS-F

Seppi BMS-F

Strong mulcher with fixed hammers suitable for excavators and railway vehicles 200-350 bar | 90-180 l/min [3,000-5,076 psi | 23-48 gpm]

  • Suitable for excavators or forwarders from 10 to 20 t.
  • Mulching of vegetation up to 20 cm [8”] Ø
  • Rotor with CUT CONTROL system! (opt)

The SEPPI mulching head BMS-F is a special attachment to be applied on different types of excavators, railroad or special vehicles or forwarders, working to maintain railways and other areas difficult of access. This SEPPI excavator mulcher BMS-F has a very strong casing and strong bearings that make it very resistant, no matter in what position it works. Chassis is made of wear-resistant steel AR400 and has a low profile for more flexibility. The SEPPI patented fixed hammer rotor with strong bearings for high performance even in vertical positions is powerful and exposed and particularly strong to bear frequent vertical mulching. An exposed, aggressive rotor is very effective against thick vegetation of up to 20 cm [8″] in diameter. This rotor has been specially designed to withstand strong lateral loads and also works reliably even in vertical positions. Transmission with automatic variable displacement motor M-BOOST (60-80 cm3) with relief valve. The motor is well protected.

Rotor (opt) with CUT CONTROL system: MINI BLADE tools with sharpenable blade, in combination with a specially developed gauge, to reduce the depth of cut.
> Fast cut and fine mulch

Ideal for maintaining vegetation alongside railways, clearing forests after harvesting wood and much more.

Available working width: 100, 125, 150 [39″, 49″, 59″].


  • Roadside maintenance
  • Mulching of sides of railroads and ditches
  • Ditch Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Mulching of wood In the forestry
  • Mulching in road beds, in trenches and on slopes


  • Mulching head suitable for excavators and special vehicles from 10 to 20 t [22,000-44,000 lb]
  • Mulches and brushs vegetation up to 20 cm [8”] Ø
  • Forestry rotor with fixed hammers MINI DUOwith tungstene carbide tips
  • Anti-wear hammer support
  • Universal attachment interface
  • Chassis made of high tensile and wear-resistant steel AR400
  • 3 rows of tempered COUNTER CUTTERS (2 chassis, 1 hood)
  • Belt transmission (5)
  • Prepared for transmission with hydraulic motor M-BOOST
  • Recommended oil flow: 90–180 l/min
  • Mechanically operated hood
  • Front and rear protection with chains
  • Support skids, reinforced
  • Colour: red RAL3020 · charcoal RAL7021


  • CUT CONTROL rotor with gauge and MINI BLADE tool
  • High performance hydraulic motor with relief valve M-BOOST
  • Individual interface plate for excavator arm (for different excavator brands)
  • Interface for spider excavator
  • Electric valve for hood control with controls
  • 190° hydraulic rotation plate
  • Hydraulically adjustable hood

​And other options of choice.

For more information about this product feel free to visit the Seppi website.


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