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Seppi X-FAST System
Seppi X-FAST System
Seppi X-FAST System
2-FASTSeppi X-FAST SystemSeppi X-FAST SystemSeppi X-FAST System

Seppi 2-FAST quick coupling system

  • The 2-FAST™ coupling system allows easy changing of the modules depending on applications and requirements

  1. 2-FAST direct – Interface carrier without autonomous hydraulic circuit for conestion directly to the tractor hydraulic
  2. 2-FAST – Interface carrier with autonomous hydraulic circuit

The 2-FAST™ is a quick coupling system to connect a module for undercanopy maintenance with one of the SEPPI M. mulching mowers, available in single and some as well double version.

The quick couplers allow an easy exchange of the required module. The 2-FAST™ is available with or without a hydraulic system, depending on the tractor flow.

Compatible, changeable moduls:

XSC – rotary mower
XSA – cultivator
XSP – shoot remover

The basic configuration includes 1 or 2 (double) modules of choice. Additional moduls can be added

Compatible mulchers (single: for mulchers from 125 cm, double: for mulchers from 175 cm)

SMWA rev cf, SMWA slim, SMWO, S9 base (2-FAST single & double)
SMO, SMO rev cf (2-FAST single)

Should you prefer to use the moduls without a mulcher please find here the PORT-X™ with a three-point attachment for the tractor.

Features 2-FAST™ direct:

  • Interface carrier with quick coupling systemWITHOUT hydraulic circuit
  • Hydraulic connection via the tractor
  • Oil pressure: 180-250 bar (2,600-3,600 psi), required hydraulic flow: 40-50 l/min (10.6-13.2 gpm)
  • Toucher with spring return mechanism
  • Floating mechanism for XSC and XSA

Features 2-FAST™ hyd:

  • Interface carrier with quick coupling systemWITH hydraulic circuit
  • Hyd. transmission with independent pump, tank and control valves
  • Suitable for tractors up from 25 to 60 HP
  • 2-FAST™ double: with cooler​
  • Toucher with spring return mechanism
  • Floating mechanism for XSC and XSA

For more information about this product feel free to visit the Seppi website.

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