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Robocut T600

The McConnel ROBOCUT utilises the latest advancements in technology to deliver the ultiimate in remote controlled machinery.

The new McConnel ROBOCUT range takes a tried and tested concept that builds on it with vision, innovation and the most advanced technology to lead the market. Thriving in challenging terrain, hazardous areas, and restricted-access zones, McConnel’s new ROBOCUT range helps you work faster, smarter and harder than ever before.

Key features

  •  POWER: More power than ever before (increase of 40%)
  •  FUEL EFFICIENCY: 20% more efficient on fuel so better value on each job
  •  OUTPUT: More coverage – get almost double the output in a day
  •  SAFETY: New flailhead safety control system
  •  GRADIENT: Work on slopes up to 55° (alarm at 50° and automatic shut-off at 70°)
  •  PRECISION & CONTROL: 28% increase in track drive pressure plus improved hydraulic float system
  •  GPS AUTOSTEER: Ensures maximum productivity, improved safety and more efficient working

New Product Features

  • Revolutionary new hydraulic head floatation system can be programmed to suit different attachments and conditions.
  • Fully encolsed body panels keep grass and debris out.
  • Improved efficiency and larger fuel capacity enables up to 6 hours between refills.
  • Leading power-to-weight ratio on the market
  • Safety system for the hydraulic front hood, including screen notification.
  • The new digital control system is supplied with two batteries that can be charged on board ROBOCUT.
  • Integrated programmable four corner LED warning beacons and daylight running lights.
  • 56hp HATZ Diesel engine, OEM modified and tested specifically for ROBOCUT.
  • Maximum stability in all terrain achieved by ROBOCUT thanks to perfect 50/50 weight distribution.
  • Lowered centre of gravity, greater slope capacity and twin roll bars.


See the ROBOCUT T600 out taking on the terrain:


Make HATZ, 3 cylinder, turbo, tier 4 final
Horsepower 60hp (45kw) @ 2800 rpm
Torque 185Nm
Fuel Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 38 litres
Water-cooled radiator 3 core havy duty
Self-cleaning (reversible fan) Standard manual and automatic
Transmission Fine control hydrostatic
Maximum noise levels 77dB(A)


Independent flailhead circuit Closed circuit piston
Max 59 l/min @ 2800 rpm 350 Bar
Independent track drive circuit 2 x closed circuit piston
Max 62 l/min @ 2800 rpm 300 Bar
Aux service 1 double acting auxillery service for additional service
16 l/min at 210 bar, double acting
Independent intercooler Standard
Oil tank capacity 20 litres (40 litres held in system)
Biodegradable oil
Attachment lift capacity 550kg


Rubber Standard ~ max working angle 40°
Rubber with spikes Optional ~ max working angle 55°
Self-tightening Standard
Length (axle to axle) 1192mm

Remote Controls

Working range 150m
Frequency 434Mhz (certified by CE legislation)
Battery Interchangeable, rechargeable, 2 with each unit, charge on machine
Proportional joysticks Standard


Overall width 1300mm
Overall length (without attachment) 2285mm
Overall height 1050mm


ROBOCUT RC56 1200kg
Flailhead Depends on size


Potentiometer speed control
(0 – 100%)
1st gear (low range)
Forward and back, 0 – 3,5km/h2nd gear (low range)
Forward and back, 0 – 7km/h

Flailhead / Attachment

Oil flow 59 l/min
Pressure 350 Bar
Rotor speed 3300 rpm
Front and rear flaps Standard
Flails Y – Flails for cutting grass and light wood up to 30mm diameter
J (hammer) – Flails for cutting thick grass and wood up to 50mm diameter
Rotor width 1.3m to 1.9m
Roller diameter 100mm
Cutting height range
(via roller adjustment)
20mm – 85mm (5 positions)
Flailhead can be lifted to cut higher
Hydraulic lift -300mm to +400mm
Floatation (angle) 14° up and down (+/-)
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