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McConnel POWER ARM Options & Accessories

McConnel have a wide range of options and accessories available for their power arms. So each arm can be designed to suit your purpose.

Thousands of different build options are available, enabling operators to customise everything from reach and horsepower to the arm-set and control system.

McConnel can even create unique bespoke machines for customers, designing and building Power Arms to a precise personal specification.

Power Arm Controls

Power is nothing without control, so whenever you buy a new Power Arm, you’ll want to get the most out of your investment with a control suite that offers the very best in precision, functionality, and comfort.

Click here to view the Power Arm control options.


Power Arm Advanced Features

No other manufacturer can match the advanced feature set available on McConnel Power Arms – from EDS, which offers an increase in verge mowing speeds from 4km/h to 18km/h – to POWERBOOST, which increases arm extrension speeds by three times the norm.

Click here to view available enhancements.


Power Arm Attachments

McConnel offers an extensive range of working attachments from Multisaws to Cutterbars, increasing the functionality of customers’ Power Arms and enabling operators to provide a wider range of services.

McConnel also manufactures a choice of four different flailheads including TwinCut, the world’s first dual rotor flailhead.

Click here to view available Power Arm Attachments

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