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McConnel Multidrive
McConnel Multidrive
McConnel Multidrive
McConnel Multidrive
McConnel Multidrive
McConnel Multidrive
McConnel MultidriveMcConnel MultidriveMcConnel MultidriveMcConnel MultidriveMcConnel Multidrive

McConnel Multidrive

One of the toughest and most versatile series of multi-purpose load carriers ever built, the Multidrive is precision-engineered in the UK for quality and durability and has forged a worldwide reputation as the ultimate all-terrain load-carrier. Capable of carrying a 10-tonne load such as a 5,000-litre sprayer unit or an 8-tonne spreader hopper, the Multidrive can also haul an additional 18-tonne load.


More power, greater comfort and a major upgrade in driver technology are the key benefits delivered by McConnel’s new Multidrive M380-4.

Its mechanical drive technology offers best-in-class traction – delivering power to all four wheels simultaneously for better grip and enabling operators to work safely in challenging conditions.

The M380-4 features a Tier-4 compliant Cummins diesel engine that delivers a 19% boost in power, a 20% increase in torque and a reduction in fuel consumption of around 8%. It is available in 3.8m and 4.2m wheelbase options.

With a top speed of 50 km/h and a quiet, comfortable cab, the Multidrive is fast and cost-efficient on the road, increasing the working range of contractors.


Low ground pressure

Outstanding power to weight ratio

Unrivalled traction

Positive drive technology

Superior hauling capacity

Carry payloads of up to 10,000kg while hauling up to 18,000kg

50km/h transport speed

Safe, stable and fuel efficient on the road

Enhanced safety

Consistent even braking on steep banks

Impressive height clearance

Available with a range of large diameter row cop wheels

Greater Control

Customise the machine’s performance to the field conditions

Easy to use

Straight forward design layout and ergonomic controls

Unrivalled versatility

The ultimate, all-purpose, all-terrain load/tool carrying vehicle

Work longer

Thrive in wet conditions when other machines are confined to the yard

Stylish design

Compact design, outstanding build quality

World class service

Professional support and back-up

Good residual value

Renowned heritage and reputation



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