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Designed for cutting around roadside obstacles and guard rails, the Barrier Mower is an ideal tool for highway verge maintenance teams, specialist contractors, and local authorities.

The Barrier Mower’s multi-position alignments and mounting options combine with a high-speed blade cutting system to ensure a fast and effective performance and an attractive finish.


Created to tackle the toughest challenges of carriageway grass maintenance, the McConnel Barrier Mower is one of the most effective and versatile machines on the market.

Featuring a high-position flex-arm and twin rotary cutting heads, the machine enables operators to cut quickly and safely around obstacles and armco barriers.

Key features

  • Maximum working reach of 2.3m (to the centre of the barrier)
  • Three point linkage mounting
  • Front and rear mounting
  • 1,000 rpm PTO
  • High-capacity 170-litre oil tank
  • 180-degree adjustable dipper arm
  • Two cutting heads
  • Left and right-hand cutting


See the Barrier Mower in action:


Enhanced productivity

By speeding up mowing operations that normally have to be carried out by hand, the Barrier Mower is an important labour-saving device which saves contractors time and money and reduces disruption to motorists by removing the need for coning off sections of road.

Powerful cutting action

Each rotary head features a heavy-duty rubber turntable on the outside rim which grips an obstacle and enables the heads to part automatically without the risk of damage to the machine – leaving behind a fine-cut finish.


  • Outstanding visibility
  • Major productivity improvements over manual cutting
  • Unique flex-arm design enables operators to work around obstacles
  • Improves safety
  • Front and rear-mounting enables working on either side of the tractor for safe mowing of verges and the central reservation
  • Can be mounted on a wide variety of utility vehicles
  • Attractive finish
Model Barrier Mower
Reach 2.3m*
Machine weight 1120kg**
Tractor hp requirement 85hp
Tractor weight requirement 4500kg

* Reach to centre of barrier

** Dependent on machine specification, attachment and oil

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