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Gyral Edger
Gyral Edger
Gyral Edger
Gyral EdgerGyral Edger

Gyral Commercial Path and Kerb Edger

Constructional Features:

  • The Ezi-Edger is capable of double edging pathways simultaneously.
  • Either assembly can be easily removed and remounted on the other side of the tractor to enable the operator to edge previously inaccessible kerbing or pathway situations.
  • The tension of the spring release jump action can be manually adjusted to suit your conditions. The pivoting arm design ensures the correct disc cutting angle is maintained at all times.
  • Good road clearance of 250mm for most tractor models is easily achieved.

Single or Double Arm Edging:

  • A rugged belly mounted tractor bracket is fabricated to suit double edging applications. The edger mounting beam is manufactured to suit your path width requirements.
  • A side mounted tractor bracket and beam is used for single edger operations.
  • Independent hydraulic control for each edger assembly gives the operator the flexibility for single or double edging at any point along the path way. Curved and winding pathway and kerbing is easily trimmed with this versatile equipment.

Long Term Durability:

  • Because of the flexibility of the unit, driver fatigue and skill becomes a lesser problem. A deviation of 150mm from the optimum driving line can be easily tolerated.
  • The spring release action of the arm assembly ensures component parts are not stressed to the limit.
  • Easily greased pivots on the swivel arm combined with hardened replaceable bushes in the pressure tongue ensures long life from all major components.

Field Performance:

  • The compact, robust mid mounted design ensures a positive response in following the pathway or kerb.
  • Ground speeds of up to 8km per hour can be achieved under ideal working conditions. Pathways exits, driveways and tough soil conditions would necessitate a more moderate ground speed.
  • The economic benefits of this edging system are such that you should consider the facts: Simple – Flexible – Durable – Fast


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