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McConnel: The best commercial robot mowers in Australia

Power, Precision, and Performance in Every Terrain!

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    Trusted by councils and contractors around Australia

    International Mowers is the Australian distributor of McConnel Robocuts

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    A McConnel Remote Control Mower for every application

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    McConnel remote control mowers are the best in the industry for heavy duty work

    A multi-award winning company, McConnel has been providing the best commercial mowers including a comprehensive range of Power Arms, rotary and flail mowers and cultivation machinery in the business since the 1940’s. McConnel is well known for its uncompromising focus on robust engineering and durability and its innovative and robot mowers are trusted by councils and contractors around the world.

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    Features of McConnel Remote Control Mowers:

    All ROBOCUT models are remote-controlled work platforms, enhancing operator safety by allowing operation from a safe distance.

    Mow slopes 25 times faster by using a robot mower rather than a team of people using hand-held brushcutters

    They are capable of tackling slopes of up to 55 degrees, making them suitable for challenging terrains.

    Each model has a working range of 150 meters, providing extensive coverage.

    They feature a low center of gravity design for stability on slopes.

    Each model is equipped with reliable engine technology, such as Yanmar or Perkins engines, meeting Stage V emissions regulations.

    Twin roll-over protection bars ensure operator safety.

    All models have fully enclosed, all-metal panels to protect against debris.

    They offer a choice of track options for different terrains.

    McConnel provides a comprehensive range of attachments for various tasks, expanding their versatility.

    They promote safe working conditions by removing operators from dangerous zones.

    What our customers say

    “The McConnel Robocut is widely used by industry professionals and will add to the services Council already offers.  The lawnmower is remote controlled and is lighter and has a lower centre of gravity than a tractor-slasher.

    It can be used in areas where our crews are unable to access with traditional equipment, including soggy ground and steep slopes.

    It is also a lot safer for our team, with the remote-controlled mower able to work on 55-degree slopes, compared to 15 degrees with traditional equipment.”

    Mark Molachino
    Deputy Mayor, Townsville Council, Queensland

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