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Commercial Rotary Mowers

From roadside verges to stubble fields to everything in between; the rotary mowers from McConnel offer enhanced mowing capabilities that can handle almost any environment. These commercial mowers will cut through anything from fine-turf to the densest overgrowth.

With the SR series, McConnel offers the most versatile and productive rotary mowers on the market. The sheer number of terrains these mowers can easily handle make them ideal for large-scale farmers, local government teams and professional mowing contractors.

What is McConnel?

McConnel has excelled in the industry of agricultural machinery for several decades, and is going to continue to innovate in that field for several decades more. Their extensive stock includes high performance rotary and flail mowers, advanced remote control mowers, versatile power arm mowers and more.

What kinds of models of commercial rotary mowers are available?

At International Mowers, we stock the following models of commercial rotary mowers;

  • The SR460 a fast multipurpose delta wing mower with high speed rotors and several different blade configurations
  • The SR420; a lighter and more maneuverable alternative to the SR460 with anti-scalp discs, a floating linkage system, deck protection rings, and a wider choice of cutting heights  
  • The SR460; a larger version of the SR420 with a higher movement range, greater wing flexibility and the option of walking axles for a smoother ride over the ground
  • The SR620; a high performance rotary mower with a 6.2m cutting width and five powerful rotors
  • The SR820; McConnel’s largest and most productive mower with an 8.2 metre working width capable of fast cutting as much as eight hectares an hour

What kinds of features do McConnel commercial rotary mowers provide?

Heightened flexibility

The SR series offers high degrees of flexibility to ensure that it closely follows the contours of the ground, resulting in higher productivity and a more complete cut.

Extensive customisability

With multiple blade, hitch and shredder enhancements that allow for multiple configurations with different levels of speed, it is easy to ensure that your mower is perfectly compatible with the specifics of any mowing job.

Focus on safety

Slip clutch protection and front and rear chain guards are just some of the many ways that we optimise commercial rotary mowers for safety.

Enhanced cutting technology

McConnel offers many different cutting options for their commercial rotary mowers, such as a six-blade shredder kit for improved mulching and tougher resolve

Get in touch

If you’ve got any questions about McConnel’s range of advanced commercial rotary mowers, feel free to get in touch with International Mowers, the only supplier in Australia for McConnel’s commercial rotary mowers.

Aside from just stocking McConnel’s mowers, we offer expert advice, troubleshooting, spare parts, and a reliable network of dealers as well.

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