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Tractor Power Arms

Tractor Power Arms

McConnel stocks the most comprehensive range of Tractor Power Arms on the market, with twelve different series that each come with near-infinite options for customisation. With so many different builds available, your tractor will have everything you need for your next job.

For decades, McConnel has been an award winning company with the most comprehensive range of agricultural equipment – spanning all kinds of mowers and cultivation machinery. Their Power Arms for tractors reflect the McConnel dedication to technological innovation and user centric design.

What is a tractor power arm and why do I need the right one?

Tractor Power Arms are mechanical devices that can be front-loaded or attached to the back of a tractor to lift, lower and move large quantities of heavy objects. Having the right tractor power arm fitted means your work will be completed as effectively, efficiently and (most importantly) safely as possible.

What kinds of features come with McConnel Tractor Power Arms?

Power and performance

With high horsepower hydraulic lift arms, power take-off shafts, a wide range of reach sizes, and the innovative combination of a high efficiency oil tank and cooling system – you won’t have to settle for second best when it comes to power and performance.


Deck your tractor power arm out with a comprehensive choice of attachments, including multi saws, ditch cleaners, rotary heads, cutterbars, added steering support and more. You’ll never be caught short by a job ever again.

Ease of use

From the Easy Drive System, which lets you work faster and smarter, to REVOLUTION (the most advanced Power Arm control system in the world), there are many options available to make your tractor power arm experience as seamless as possible.

What models of Tractor Power Arms are available?

The McConnel models of tractor power arms that are available include;

  • The Standard Series’ (McConnel POWER ARM 30, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85)
  • Swingtrim, a specialist power arm for hedge trimming
  • ECO-series, a special kind of power arm built for the European export market
  • VERSI series, named for its outstanding cutting versatility
  • BARRIER MOWER, designed for cutting around roadside obstacles and guard rails
  • Power arm modules, such as KIROGN L.E.M., a powerful multi saw

At International Mowers, we offer McConnel custom builds, so you can have a unique bespoke vehicle that is tailored to your needs.

Get in touch

If you’ve got any questions about McConnel’s range of high performance tractor power arms, feel free to get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian distributor of McConnel’s power arms, robot mowers and wide area mowers.

Our dealer network has a wide range of McConnel mowers, as well as expertise, troubleshooting, spare parts, and service support.

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