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Commercial Sprayers and Spreaders

Have you heard of the Agribuggy? Formerly developed by Kellands (now a part of McConnel), the Agribuggy is one of the most effective commercial sprayers and spreaders on the market.

Much like McConnel’s other agricultural technology, this commercial sprayer and spreader stands out from the competition for its ability to go where others can’t, thanks to its unique low ground pressure design and mechanical drive technology. It can handle wet conditions and tough terrain in a way that the competition can only dream of.

What is McConnel?

McConnel is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural technology in the world. Before McConnel acquired the Agribuggy, they made their name with an impressive and award winning repertoire of powerful rotary and flail mowers, innovative remote control mowers and high performance power arm mowers.

What are the features of McConnel commercial sprayers and spreaders?

McConnel‘s commercial sprayers and spreaders have so many unique features that set them apart from the competition. The fact is that you are not going to find a more productive commercial sprayer and spreader than those from McConnel.

Comfortable cabin

McConnel’s commercial sprayers and spreaders contain a cabin with 360 degree curved glass, a floating control console and a spacious low-noise working environment; ensuring that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for a quality spraying job.

Precision guidance and steering 

You’re always in complete and total control when you’re in a McConnel commercial sprayer and spreader, thanks to the built in Teejet Aeros precision guidance system which offers all of the functionality you need to tailor your sprayer to any job.

Heightened spraying performance

In order to provide unparalleled spraying performance, McConnel commercial sprayers are fitted with 30m Pommier aluminium booms that redefine the standard for strength and longevity while maintaining lightness and stability.

What are the benefits of McConnel commercial sprayers and spreaders?

Optimal driving design

The design of McConnel’s commercial sprayers and spreaders has been enhanced with a series of technological innovations that all cohere into one of the highest quality commercial sprayers and spreaders on the market.

From its tried and tested engine to its light chassis, every single part of the Agribuggy has been specially designed to deliver the most power-efficient self-propelled sprayer with the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.

Versatility across multiple terrains

Your commercial sprayers and spreaders are only as good as the amount of terrains they can handle. McConnel’s commercial sprayers and spreaders not only provide a fast and comfortable ride experience, but it works effectively in a wide range of conditions and terrains without compromising that premium ride quality.

Enhanced productivity

With an internally baffled and gel coated 3000 litre spray tank, 12/24m fully hydraulic aluminium booms and boom suspensions with tilt and yaw control; McConnel’s commercial sprayers and spreaders are equipped with all of the tools required for ultimate productivity.

Find out more

If you’ve got any questions about McConnel’s premium commercial sprayers and spreaders, feel free to get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of McConnel’s commercial sprayers & spreaders.

With McConnel’s mowers, we provide the best support in the industry – including expertise, troubleshooting, spare parts, and dealers you can trust.

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