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Commercial Remote Control Mowers

McConnel’s range of mowers has always boasted some of the most sophisticated technology on the market, so it was only natural that McConnel’s would be the company to provide a series of truly innovative commercial remote control mowers. The McConnel Robocut series redefines commercial remote controlled mowing with all new avenues for maximum safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Gone are the days where you have to worry about conducting mowing jobs in hazardous, hard-to-reach or restricted access areas. McConnel’s commercial remote control mowers have been specially designed to be able to handle all terrains, including ones that conventional mowers cannot.

What models of commercial remote control mowers do you stock?

There are three models from McConnel’s Robocut series that International Mowers carries in stock;

  • The McConnel Robocut S300; a smaller, lighter and more efficient model of mower that specialises in fine turf applications
  • The McConnel Robocut T400 & T500; a more standard-sized mower that builds on the design of the S300 with added safeguards and mowing features for a more effective mowing job
  • The McConnel Robocut T800; a variant on the T600 with a more powerful 80 horsepower engine, providing the ultimate in power and performance for remote control mowing

What features come with McConnel’s commercial remote control mowers?

Engine power

Whether you go for 30, 40, 50, 60 or 80 horsepower; you’re getting an engine for your mower that’s not only more powerful than your typical mower, you’re also getting an engine that’s incredibly fuel efficient. Your work output will be increased, but not at the cost of your fuel. 

Hydraulic front hood

McConnel has fitted their remote control mowers with a hydraulic front hood that comes with a near-infinite level of customisability, as well as a built in safety system that always notifies you when there are concerns while on a job.

Ergonomic design

With a lower centre of gravity, greater slope capacity and twin roll bars; McConnel’s commercial remote control mowers are designed to complete their jobs with as little disruption as possible, no matter where you are.

Fully remote controlled

A major benefit of automated mowing solutions is that they complete the same kinds of work as regular mowers but without the need for human intervention. There are many reasons why remote controlled mowing is a better option; from added safety because you don’t need the person to directly interact with the mower, greater mowing precision thanks to enhanced computer calculations, lower labour costs because you don’t need an employee to conduct the mowing, to enhanced manoeuvrability due to the mower’s smaller size.

What benefits come with McConnel remote controlled mowers?

Increased productivity

A more powerful engine, a fully customisable hydraulic head flotation system that can accommodate all kinds of mowing attachments, and a digital control system allows for a significant increase in productivity.

Improved safety

With McConnel’s very own new flail head safety control system, GPS autosteer, and an effective remote control range up to 150 metres; you can ensure the safety of any job with an unprecedented level of control. 

Cost savings

The many features built into these remote control mowers ensure that mowing jobs are completed as easily and efficiently as possible; minimising costs such as fuel and maintenance.

What is McConnel?

Since the 1940s, McConnel has been one of the most prolific providers of agricultural equipment and vegetation management machinery. Their award winning exploits include all kinds of mowers, including their range of fully remote controlled mowers – the culmination of decades of technological innovation in the agricultural sector.

Get in touch

If you’ve got any questions about McConnel’s range of innovative fully remote controlled mowers, feel free to get in touch with International Mowers, the sole Australian supplier of McConnel’s impressive machines.

Not only do we stock McConnel’s mowers, but we provide every bit of support you could need for them – including expertise, troubleshooting, spare parts and a reliable dealer network.

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