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Seppi MINIFORST Pick-up
Seppi MINIFORST Pick-up
Seppi MINIFORST Pick-up
Seppi MINIFORST Pick-up
Seppi MINIFORST Pick-upSeppi MINIFORST Pick-upSeppi MINIFORST Pick-up

Seppi MINIFORST pick-up

mulcher with pick-up device 80-120 HP

Essential in citrus and almond plantations.

2 machines in 1

Certain crops produce very high quantities of prunings. This can cause big problems when it is time to mulch them. Burning is often illegal and is always bad for the environment. The Miniforst Pick-Up Mulcher provides a perfect solution – picking up the prunings with a pick-up reel at ground level and, if needed, reinforcing the feed into the machine with an optional top reel. The prunings are then processed within a screen to produce a fine and uniform mulch.This results in a fast biodegradation, just one cultivation cycle.

The MINIFORST pick-up is particularly suitable for olive, citrus, walnut and almond cultivations and stony conditions
– the machine is fast
– it collects and mulches finely 100% of the prunings in one single pass
– different tools of choice – long fixed hammers lifetime
– prunings are lifted from the ground and processed through a screen; therefore no contact between the hammers and stones.

The pick-up kit is assembled and disassembled in a short time by one man.
2 machines in 1:
1) forestry mulcher to mulch grass, brush and wood up to 12 cm [4,7”] in diameter, for conventional use
2) pick-up mulcher, with power feed to mulch dense rows of prunings up to 25 cm [10”] in diameter

MINIFORST pick up casing is very resistent, made of high-tensile steel. Counterknives inside the casing will give a perfect result when mulching. Standart is the mulcher equiped with the Pick-up kit for material feed with grid inclusive rotor. The rotor with tungsten carbide fixed hammers is very agresive and resistent. MINIFORST pick-up mulchs grass, brush and wood up to 25 cm [10”] in diameter. An additional fine mulching screen is available as an option.

Modular lower pick up kit for material feed with grid inclusive rotor (standard). Pressure gauge for easy control of the pick-up rotor.

Take off the pick-up kit – the mulcher converts back to forestry mulcher.

Available working width: 175, 200 cm [ 69″, 79″].


  • Citrus cultivations
  • Olive plantations
  • Almond and walnut cultivations


  • Forestry mulcher mulches bushes up to 12 cm [5”] Ø
  • Mulcher with pick-up mulches bushes up to 25 cm [10”] Ø
  • Standard rotor with flails SMO
  • Modular lower pick-up kit for material feed with grid and with rotor
  • Working speed 0-5 km/h
  • ISO 3-point rear linkage central fixed cat. 2 (for pushed machines only)
  • 540 rpm gearbox with freewheel and through shaft
  • Input shaft 1 3/8” Z=6
  • 5 belts
  • Hydraulic hood
  • Skids adjustable in height
  • Protection with chains
  • Colour: red RAL 3020


  • PTO drive shaft
  • Forestry rotor with swinging hammers
  • Forestry rotor with swinging hammers with tungsten carbide tips
  • ISO 3-point linkage central fixed cat. 1 & 2
  • Inverted rear attachment pulled
  • Skids (for use without pick-up device)
  • 1000 rpm gearbox
  • Upper pick-up rotor
  • Rubber gauge wheels

For more information about this product feel free to visit Seppi website.


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