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Seppi XID
Seppi XID
Seppi XID
Seppi XID
Seppi XIDSeppi XIDSeppi XID

Seppi XID

herbicide spraying system for mulching mower

A clean job in your orchard! With the help of accessories.

The herbicide spraying system XID may be added to many SEPPI mowers and mulchers. High-precision nozzles come with adjustable spraying direction.


  • Destroys weeds while growing
  • Longlasting effects
  • Low operating costs


  • Destroys weeds while growing
  • Tank 100 l
  • 12 V pump (pump pressure adjustable)
  • Pressure gauge
  • Spray nozzles: 1 (single) or 2 (double)
  • Nozzles with adjustable spraying direction
  • Electric remote control from the tractor cabin (XID double: left and right nozzle are adjustable separately)
  • Adjustable synthetic spring rod to force down grass stalks

For more information about this product feel free to visit Seppi website.

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