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Seppi OLS Multipla
Seppi OLS Multipla
Seppi OLS Multipla
Seppi OLS Multipla
Seppi OLS MultiplaSeppi OLS MultiplaSeppi OLS Multipla

Seppi OLS multipla

flail mulcher for large areas 100 – 250 HP

Clear large areas easily :
up to 7 meters [276″] in one pass!

Combined mulchers reach working widths of as much as 7 m [276“]. OLS multipla is ideal for mulching of large areas such as parks, airports, or uncultivated land. Three independent mulching mowers are trailed on a chassis with 2 wheels. The mulching heads perfectly follow the contours of the ground. The width and the strength of these large mowers makes possible to mulch at a high speed, while leaving a clean result. Counterknives inside the casing of mulchers give a perfect mulching result. There is a 35 cm [14”] side shift to each side on each mulching head.

Combined machines like the OLS multipla are made of 3 single units – mulcher type OLS fh, liftable for transport and parking. The central mulcher has a 3-point linkage and can be used independently.


  • Mulches grass and prunings up to 8 cm [3.1“] Ø
  • Standard rotor with SMO flails
  • Working speed 3-10 km/h
  • Trailed machine with central mower and
  • Two wing mowers OLS fh
  • Trailer with 2 wheels
  • Central mulcher for independant use
  • 1000 rpm trasmission
  • Input shaft 1 3/8” Z=6
  • Number belts: 3 x 5
  • Adjustable rear hoods with rubber protection
  • Functions of the hydraulic system with solenoid valves and remote control:
    – lifting the central, left and right machine
    – parking hitch
  • Front protection: chains
  • Colour: red RAL 3020


  • PTO shaft with freewheel & wide angle
  • Gearbox 540 rpm
  • Air brakes
  • Rear lamp kit with anti-collison bar

For more information about this product feel free to visit Seppi website.


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