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Scag SWZT – Hydro-Drive Walk-Behind

Scag SWZT – Hydro-Drive Walk-Behind


The Scag SWZT Zero Turn Walk Behind Mower sets new standards in comfort and quality.

Its outstanding operator control system, floating, easy-adjust cutter deck and smooth and powerful hydraulic drive system makes mowing a dream. In fact the SWZT may just be the smoothest walk-behind Scag has ever built.

The all new, incredibly ergonomic control system was designed to make operation easy, not a fatigue causing fight. The controls not only contour to the natural angles of your extended hands, but are placed to keep your hands out of harms way when mowing next to trees and bushes. The main control bar is tied together at the top for additional strength and leverage.

When it’s time to mow, simply set your desired forward speed, flip the thumb releases and you are off to an enjoyable mowing experience. Use the numbered forward speed selector to find just the right speed for the job at hand.

Dual hydraulic ZT-2800 transaxles with cooling fans and steel fan covers allow independent, amazingly smooth and positive power to each wheel. With counter-rotation turning, one wheel moves forward while the other moves backward during a zero-turn, minimizing scuffed turf and increasing maneuverability in heavily landscaped areas.

With Scag tough, commercial-duty 36″, 48″, 52″ or 61″ cutter decks, you will get the perfect cut, the first time, every time. Heavy duty construction, a floating style deck and great features like an integrated parking brake and the new control system set the SWZT apart from the competition.

Scag Walk-Behind mowers are known the world over for being incredibly durable and built to last a long, long time. This is not your average walk-behind…it’s a Scag.



  • Ergonomic, low-force hand controls fall naturally within the angles of your hands. Controls are tucked inside the handlebar risers to keep your hands out of harms way when mowing next to bushes and trees.
  • Forward ground speeds up to 7 mph keep you productive and get the job done fast. The forward speed selector features a number system (1-7) which allows the operator to find the perfect speed, and return quickly to it any time. 3mph in reverse.
  • Easy-to-adjust, lever operated cutting height adjustment allows you to set the deck from 1-1/2″ to 4-1/2″ in 1/4″ increments.
  • Powerful and efficient Kawasaki FS series V-twin engine options (FS481V – 14.5hp, FS541V – 15hp, or FS600V – 18.5hp). All are 603cc, air-cooled, vertical shaft, OHV, twin cylinder engines. Visit the Kawasaki engine web site for more info.
  • Choose from a 36″, 48″, 52″ or 61″ Scag tough cutter deck. Fully fabricated (not stamped), commercial grade, steel cutter deck with reinforcements for added durability. 10 gauge cutter deck top with an 11 gauge spindle reinforcement plate. 7 gauge deck skirts. 52″ and 61″ deck also features 1″ x .5″ front edge reinforcement. Deck design delivers the fast, manicured cut that Scag is known for.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic drive system includes dual Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 transaxles with cooling fans and steel fan covers for reliable, zero turn maneuverability.
  • ZT-2800 transaxles utilize all metal internal gears for long life and deliver smooth, infinitely variable speed and bi-directional control. Power comes from a 10cc variable displacement, seven piston pump and a 16cc fixed displacement, seven piston motor in each transaxle.
  • Heavy-duty skid plates protect the transaxles from curb or foreign object damage and can be easily removed for long term serviceability.
  • Angled, full featured instrument panel puts everything you need within easy reach and quick sight, including key switch, throttle, electric blade brake switch and optional hour meter.
  • Heavy gauge handle tower is made for commercial use and to protect control linkages and other crucial components.
  • Rear handlebar bumper helps protect steering linkages from transport damage.
  • Operator presence controls are lightweight, contoured and designed for operator comfort and safety.
  • Large 5.5 gallon, rust-free fuel tank keeps you in the field cutting. This tank design is up to 20% larger than tanks on other mower brands. Easily access the extra-large fuel filler neck from either side of the mower.
  • Molded-in cup holder provides added operator convenience and comfort.
  • Fuel gauge easy to monitor from the operators position.
  • Large 18-inch drive tires and 9-inch front caster tires provide stability.
  • The parking brake prevents unwanted movement when stopping on an incline or to pick up debris.
  • Ogura PTO clutch brake engages the cutter blades. Adjustable air gap ensures long component life.
  • “Split-Steel” pulley design is stronger than cast iron or stamped pulley designs. They are precision matched and lightweight for reduced inertia and decreased wear on the cutter deck drive system.
  • High-quality bearings and bearing debris guard on idler pulleys ensure long, reliable service.
  • Marbain cutter blades stay sharp longer for reduced maintenance. Heavy-duty blade drive spindles provide unbeatable performance.
  • Extra durable front caster arms are designed to handle rough environments.
  • Spring tensioned, self-adjusting hydraulic drive belt system eliminates adjustments and adds to belt life and reliability.
  • Spring tensioned, self-adjusting cutter deck drive belt system eliminates adjustments and adds to belt life and reliability.
  • Double stacked roller bearing in cutter deck idler pulley adds to reliability.
  • Flexible discharge chute will not dent like metal chutes.
  • User-friendly design allows quick, clean access to the engine, filters, and oil drain for easy maintenance.
  • The Scag “Simply the Best” warranty stands behind you and your mower for years of profitable service. 3-year / 500 hour non-commercial or 2-year commercial mower warranty.
  • Many productive accessories such as mulching systems and grass catchers.
  • Actual ground speed may vary. Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

Models – Engine and Deck Combinations

Model Description
SWZT36-14FS 36″ Scag commercial-grade, fabricated cutter deck, Kawasaki FS481V – 14.5hp recoil-start engine
SWZT48-15FS 48″ Scag commercial-grade, fabricated cutter deck, Kawasaki FS541V – 15hp recoil-start engine
SWZT52-18FS 52″ Scag commercial-grade, fabricated cutter deck, Kawasaki FS600V – 18.5hp recoil-start engine
SWZT52-18FSE 52″ Scag commercial-grade, fabricated cutter deck, Kawasaki FS600V – 18.5hp electric-start engine
SWZT61-22FSE 52″ Scag commercial-grade, fabricated cutter deck, Kawasaki FS651V – 22hp electric-start engine

Product Dimensions

SWZT – Product Dimensions 36″ SWZT 48″ SWZT 52″ SWZT 61″ SWZT
Length 75.5″ 75.5″ 76.5″ 80″
Height 44″ 44″ 44″ 44″
Tracking Width 36.25″ 41.5″ 41.5″ 41.75″
Width (chute down) 48.5″ 60.5″ 64.5″ 73.5″
Width (chute in transport position) 37″ 49″ 53″ 62″
Weight 550 lbs. 585 lbs. 605 lbs. 700 lbs.






For more information about this product feel free to visit SCAG website.

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