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Jarrett TS Series – Wing Deck Finishing Mowers

General construction

RHS chassis fully welded and capped
8mm steel spindle mounting plates
Spindle plates mounted between RHS chassis
A-frame bolted to main deck
Clean deck design for easy cleaning
Safety covers in heavy-duty Aluminium tread plate
Steel deflector plates allow even discharge of cut material


4-groove cast iron
Machined deep groove, ‘B’ section belt profile
Large wrap-around belt surface contact for superior grip and drive
Tapered spline lock mounting to spindle shaft

Idler pulleys

Large diameter ‘B’ section pulley
Sealed bearings
Simple adjustment for belt tensioning


Jarrett spindles manufactured in Australia
Sealed oil bath lubrication for min maintenance
Precision machined heavy-duty cast iron housings
Internally mounted oil seals
Heavy-duty 6308 ball bearings
Precision machined 40mm dia ‘Duraflex’ shaft
Tapered spline shaft for pulley and cutter base

Cutter heads

Tapered spline lock mounting to spindle shaft
Std 4mm finishing tip blades
More flexibility for varying mowing conditions
High tip speed ensures superior cut
Large rear clearance for max grass discharge


Unique belt configuration allows greater wing movement up and down
Easy access to all drives


Wing skid front rollers
As the manufacturer, we are happy to discuss your particular requirements


For more information about this product feel free to visit Jarrett website.


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